Hash maps let you change the attributes of everything that comes after them. Here are all the attributes you can change: :octave - The octave (default is 4) :length - The note length (default is 1/4) :tempo - How fast or slow notes are played (default is 120) :pan - How far left/right the note is panned in your speaker (default is 50) :quantize - The percentage of a note's full duration that is heard (default is 90) :transpose - Moves all notes up or down by a desired number of semitones (default is 0) :volume - The volume (default is 100) :key-signature - A set of notes with accidentals -- either a sharp (#), flat (=), or natural (_) -- whose purpose is to set the default accidental for that note when it doesn't include one (default is #{}) :play? - Whether or not to play (default is true) Read more about attributes here:
[:piano :c :d {:octave 3} :c :d]


(def intro-2-attributes (edna->data-uri [:piano :c :d {:octave 3} :c :d]))