(render game entity)

Renders the provided entity.


(defn render "Renders the provided entity." [game entity] (let [{:keys [program vao uniforms indices viewport clear render-to-texture index-buffer]} entity previous-program (gl game #?(:clj getInteger :cljs getParameter) (gl game CURRENT_PROGRAM)) previous-vao (gl game #?(:clj getInteger :cljs getParameter) (gl game VERTEX_ARRAY_BINDING)) previous-index-buffer (gl game #?(:clj getInteger :cljs getParameter) (gl game ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING))] (some->> program (gl game useProgram)) (some->> vao (gl game bindVertexArray)) (some->> index-buffer (gl game bindBuffer (gl game ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER))) (when uniforms (when-not program (throw (ex-info "Only compiled entities can be rendered" {}))) (let [{:keys [textures]} (reduce (partial call-uniform game) entity uniforms)] (doseq [{:keys [unit location]} (vals textures)] (gl game uniform1i location unit)) (some->> entity :render-to-texture (render->texture game textures)))) (some->> viewport (render-viewport game)) (some->> clear (render-clear game)) (let [{:keys [draw-count instance-count]} (set-buffers game entity program)] (when draw-count (if-let [{:keys [type]} indices] (gl game drawElements (gl game TRIANGLES) draw-count type 0) (if instance-count (gl game drawArraysInstanced (gl game TRIANGLES) 0 draw-count instance-count) (gl game drawArrays (gl game TRIANGLES) 0 draw-count))))) (gl game useProgram previous-program) (gl game bindVertexArray previous-vao) (gl game bindBuffer (gl game ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER) previous-index-buffer)))